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Modular Lamps Dust Test


 IP68 LED Street lamps

Today one of my clients asked me a question will the modules' heat dissipation being affected if bird shit covers on the modules.
Here, let me give answers from technical point of view:


For the question whether bird shit covering on the heat sink of the modules will bring harm to the heat dissipation, I have conducted deep discussion with my engineer.

For your question, we have already considered about the bad experience you mentioned, since you know that the module is IP68, and the Inventronics driver is IP67, so please don’t worry about the dust will go into the module or driver.

Secondly, we do extreme test, pls send us email to obtain the dusttest report.T1A-2 LED street lamp’s pad temperature which covers a lot of dust is 7.2 higher than no dust. It’s no problem for normal working.

Furthermore, there are gaps between two module, and it’s quite easy for the fixture to clear the dust, water, leaves or insects. That’s one of modular led fixture’s characters. Attached photos for your kindly reference.

 led street light

Answers to the second commonly asked questions, how to proof of your IP68 and what is the working temperature of modules.

Modules can be worked under -40℃ to +50℃ with humidity of salt. You can see LOYICN has Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber, High Low temperature test Chamber and UV test equipment etc. LOYICN's IP68 LED modules can be placed into 100 ℃ red boiling water for 30 minutes and then suddenly put it into the normal water to test whether the red ink penetrates the modules. Such tested will be repated for 6 times during 3 hours. The result can show that module have truely achieved IP68.


Any report you want to have, just feel free to tell me if you are confronted with similar questions with your clients.

For more details,feel free to contact us.

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

 Temperature humindity test chamber

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