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40W,80W,120W IP68 Modular LED Tunnel Lights

Product Numbers: TS2A

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Product description:TUV CE,RoHs,CB,ETL cETL approved IP68 Modular LED TUNNEL LIGHT.Original Philips Lumileds Chips with Flip-chip Technology. Thunder Protection Inventronics Power Supply.Double-coupling IP68 Protection, Honey Comb Cooling Effects, Tool-free Maintenance, 5 years warranty.



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40W,80W,120W IP68 Modular LED Tunnel Lights


 I.Technical Parameters

  • Lighting Source: Lumileds, Cree, Osram, Epistar
  • Power consumption: 40W/80W/120W
  • Module quantity: 1,2,3pcs
  • Input voltage: AC90-305V
  • Light Distribution Curve: Bat Wing or 90°
  • Peak lighting Angle: 125 degree
  • Color Temperature: 3000K-6000K
  • CRI: More than 70
  • Working environment: -40 to 50;10% -90%RH
  • Life Span: 50,000 hours
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Body and shell materials: Aluminum alloy
  • Protection Grade: whole lamp IP68; power supply IP67
  • Surge Voltage:4Kv

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II.LOYICN IP68 LED Ourdoor Lighting Product Features


All of our IP68 outdoor lighting products are with the new concept---modular,which useoriginal Philips chips which has specialized in flip chip technology and Inventronics Driverwith thouder protection funtion. The whole lamp 5 years warranty.


IP68, It can be placed underwater 2 meters depth and it can be still in normal working condition. For the inventronics Drivers, it can pass 1900V high voltage test. In LOYICN's produce, the modules has been placed in water for two years. No other company in China can make this.

For the driver,all of our products use Inventronics Driver (UL Quality, it has entered into the US millitary industry) + Self research lens and Japan imported Lens Material + Philipslumidleds Lighting Source (LM80 REBEL ES high efficacy lighting chips) .High quality driver is very crucial for LED Tunnel light because LED tunnel has been lighted all the time. Inventronics driver can make it.

Many customer worry about the price.But good news,LOYICN and Inventronics and Philips company are long strategical partners, they have been given LOYICN the first class strategical clients' price treatment. Accordingly, LOYICN's clients can also enjoy very competitive price.

For the LEDs,Flip chip technology, LOYICN's Modules have adopted original Philips chips which has specialized in flip chip technology. The advantages of flip chip technology is that it can hold more electricity, reduce thermal resistance ( good for heat dissipation) and no possibility of wire disconnection, so it is very good for high power outdoor lighting. 10000hrs, 0 Light Decay. This is not said by LOYICN. It has been tested by Energy Star. Please refer to the enclosed LM80 Report. You can also check offical web site of Cree, Philips. Nichia.

For the Design,Honeycomb design+ Whole structure heat dissipation Technology+ high heat conductive material+ makes the temperature at least 30℃ lower than other street light.


1.Honeycomb effect--It simulates and adopts the burning principle of honeycomb briquette; it is easy to transform the original block of radiator to various modules, as well as to enable air to convect and fully pass through the gaps between modules by utilizing the honeycomb effect, thus to remove the heat rapidly, and reduce temperature by around 20 ℃.

2.Full structure heat radiation--It is available to make clever use of module bracket that only play a supporting role, and to transform it to a “thermal bracket” that is capable of conducting the module’s heat to the light shell as a structural part, thus to promote the cooling effect of radiator of cooling module, the design aims to fully utilize the surface area of structural parts to transfer heat to air.

3.Independent multi-circuit constant-current output--Each circuit is independently controlled; any failure in single circuit does not affect the normal work of other circuits. If a single LED unit is damaged, the current distribution isalso even in the entire series and parallel structure, thus protect the whole system and make sure the life span as long as possible.

  • 4.“Ultra Robust” module technology
    Each LED is equipped with bypass protection, to protect single-circuit structure of the full connection series, even open or short circuit fault can’t affect current and voltage distribution of other LED, the other LED can work under the normal operating mode, thus extending the life cycle of the whole module.

    5.Double-coupling IP68 protection.It adopts the screw-free structure to avoid the penetration of water vapor through the screw hole; its double silicon-rubber rings insulate LEDs with the outside environment completely, thus to eliminate any erosion to chips and PCB boards from outside.

    6.Tool-free maintenance-Use special structural design to achieve the manual disassembly and installation of lighting components, in consideration that the high-power lights are generally installed in higher operating environment, the operators require as few tools as possible for their convenience and security.

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